What the Facility Offers

We are offering a unique opportunity to grow your private practice by creating a convenient location for you and your clients. We provide non-exclusive use of an office and the furniture in that office. It does not stop there, we also provide the support services for a health care provider to be successful and maintain a private practice with none of the headache.

You can use that office for any number of hours per week that fits your schedule as long as you arrange that use with us. Hours are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Call today: 720-442-9714

Feel free to email your professional background information to sarah@cofacmgmt.com

Services Available

Colorado Facilities Management offers:

~ Professional environment
~ Recognized "brand" in the community for quality services
VISIT: www.massageall.com
~ Appointment booking and scheduling
~ Billing and collection services for time of service and medical insurance
~ Marketing services
~ Other clerical services

All the benefits of working with a facility with none of the headache of running one.


Consider these benefits:

- A Clean, well-maintained facility
- You can work any number of hours you choose - subject to space availability.
- A great atmosphere with other health care professionals
- Month-to-month available (not a "booth rent" scenario).

If you are interested in growing your practice with us, please call. We are happy to show you the facility and answer your questions.